Consumers’ Rights Lawyer Should Hear Evidence In Your Construction Industry Dispute

When it comes to construction, consumers getting what they paid for is crucial. For builders, however, clearly spelling out the work that will be done also holds a considerable amount of weight. That’s why contracts exist and when one party doesn’t own up to the expectations, it’s time for a skilled consumers’ rights attorney to step up. According to “Global Construction Dispute Report 2017: Avoiding the Same Pitfalls,” published by Arcadis Contract Solutions, the average value of a construction dispute was $21 million in 2016. Reaching a settlement also took two months longer in 2016 compared to the year before. The report also revealed that contract errors and omissions were the most common reasons for a dispute.

Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin says compiling a mountain of evidence you’ve gathered in a construction dispute case is necessary before even considering a lawsuit against a contractor.  Mr. Benjamin achieved a favorable verdict out of a case involving two construction contractors. He leveraged years of of experience in numerous construction law cases to win big. A month later, he achieved a $200,000 settlement in a real estate fraud case. Clearly, real estate plays a big role in consumer rights cases that make it to court because it often involves high stakes to the person or company harmed. That’s why lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin suggests seeking out skilled lawyers whose area of expertise is centered around deceptive practices and consumer law when considering a litigation against a contractor.

In its comments on the study, ConstructionDive, an industry trend website, states that construction disputes are unfortunately common. As such, a contract should “clearly spell out” what work is going to be done, and the timeline the contractor is required to keep. The analysis further states the changing industry trends, such as collaboration on construction projects, which likely decrease the number of disputes in the future. The Arcadis Contract Solutions summary further suggests that construction companies “resolve disputes early” as to “preserve productive relationships,” keep teams focused on the project at hand and keep “minor issues” out of court. Mr. Benjamin’s decades of litigation experience is a last resort, and he encourages parties to resolve issues before resorting to long, drawn out, and expensive lawsuits.

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