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You’ve been named in a lawsuit. Now what? More burdensome yet: How do you go about filing a suit of your own? These are common – yet no less complicated – questions that only a skilled lawyer can help you address. Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin is one such expert in the field of law who can address both of these issues and more. The due diligence on your end, however, is to seek out skilled business and litigation attorneys who’ve gone to court before and won major cases. That’s the case with attorney Jeffrey Benjamin, who in June 2010 secured a jury verdict that awarded $200,000 to his client and exposed the defendant as a “perpetrator of fraudulent inducement and concealment scheme who also breached his fiduciary duties.” With a proven track record of favorable verdicts, clients should feel comfortable trusting Mr. Benjamin with their cases.

That’s the kind of results you’ll get by trusting Mr. Benjamin to handle your business, commercial, fraud, real estate cases. Since so many people approach him asking how to defend themselves or sue someone else, rest assured that Benjamin can thoroughly research your claims to see if you’ve got a case. That skill comes from years of practice in a court of law. It also helps Benjamin harbor a “no fear” mentality when aggressively approaching cases he’s been retained to handle.

“We often go up against lawyers with endless resources, but have an excellent infrastructure to handle all litigation matters,” says Benjamin, whose motto is, “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud, pursue your legal rights.”

If that doesn’t instill confidence in you as a possible client, we’re happy to discuss matters further with you to make sure that you’re as confident as possible. Trust Jeffrey Benjamin to get the results you want even out of the most complicated of cases.

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